Pricing and payment

When stating rates, I prefer to look at each project on an individual basis.  After all, we each think differently, we each write differently, we each read differently. Some people even write differently on different days. Some of you paid attention in school; some—well, some just thought they had better things to do!  Everyone is different; every project is different. So, why should I charge every single one of you the same price for a different job?

I don’t think I should.

So, I offer four different pricing options.  (And, remember, initial estimates and consultations are free—always!  and, non-binding, too!)

By the Project

The most popular pricing plan is project based. The project can be a blog post, a marketing brochure, a screenplay, an entire manuscript, or just a piece of a larger project—you define the project to fit your needs, timelines, and budget. All I need to get us started is a sample; a few days later, you’ll get back a guaranteed maximum estimate, a proposed deadline that applies to that project, and a free sample edit for your review and consideration. Oh, and you get to keep the sample, whether or not we end up working together!

By the Hour

If you have a quick, well-defined job and need an immediate turnaround or if you are just beginning to discover the world of researching and writing, hiring me at an hourly rate might be the best way for you to get started. Hourly rates are competitive and dependent on the type of work you need done: ghostwriting, researching, manual indexing, or preparing for self-publishing to name a few . . .

Buy the “Monopoly Plan”

If you need a higher level of attention than the “usual” client or a deeper level of commitment, you can hire me as your own personal editor and not share my mind with anyone else!  If you need a ghostwriter, a co-author, or a project editor or if you have in-depth research needs or you are rushing to finish the current phase of your project, buying me and monopolizing my attention could be the plan for you.

Consultant pricing

Some projects—such as managing a publication project; compiling personal, family, or business histories; preparing manuscripts for self-publication or electronic publication (e-publication); manual indexing; application of instructional design attributes; starting a blog—require more than your own dreams and dedication. If you find your project and yourself mired in confusion, indecision, or “the technical unknown”,  hire me as a consultant  to guide you back to the path of comfortable familiarity or to provide direct, hands-on assistance.


If you still have questions or concerns after exploring our site
or  if you’re ready to see about getting your complimentary sample edit
and an estimated rate and schedule, contact me today.

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