The short version: Who am I?

In brief, I like to think I’m an “old-school” editor who started at the bottom and earned his way up.  I definitely came into the profession in a roundabout but still somewhat logical way—by first learning the arts of organization and research. 

Learning and applying those skills actually goes back to the earliest “job” I remember: assisting Mrs. Palmer in the elementary school library when I was in the sixth grade; that job was followed closely by helping Mrs. Bull in the junior high school media center, which I did all through junior high and high school.  I think that’s also where I developed my passion for logical arrangement and detail; well, either there or Mr. Trimboli’s English class . . .

But, wait; this is supposed to be the brief version of who I am, isn’t it?

So, let’s skip a few of the tedious details . . .

My editorial training started in college, during the late 1970s, when typewriters, blue-lined dummy sheets, scissors, and strip waxers were still the latest in journalism technology!  I was even present the day we got our first electric headline-setting machine!  Really—no, really—it wasn’t  that  long ago . . .

Is it sad that I’ve always loved my work?

At least, it doesn’t seem so long ago—because I’ve always totally enjoyed what I’ve done.  With excitement and passion, I suddenly find I’ve accumulated more than thirty years of experience researching, organizing, editing, ghostwriting, and proofing materials such as books, manuals, and magazines for general audiences; labels, visitor guides, and teacher packets for museums; newsletters, blogs, websites, and collateral for non-profit agencies and small businesses; fiction and non-fiction materials for children and young adults; and memoirs, autobiographies, and personal, family, and company histories.

I have helped all levels of writers with more aspects of writing than I ever could have imagined (and on all types of budgets and deadlines, as well)!  As a freelancer the past several years, I worked for professional wordsmiths, coerced letter writers, and aspiring authors . . . anyone who needed a researcher-ghostwriter-editor-proofreader of their very own. 

Now, I’m here to help you, with your words—to help you or your team say what you want to say to the audience you want to reach.  So, what are you waiting for?


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